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Customs Brokers

Use of Licensed Customs Brokers

You are encouraged to use the services of licensed Customs brokers for the clearance of imports or exports. If you are able to prepare your own Customs forms and documentation you may do so at your own risk.


Below is the current list of licensed Customs Brokers:

Business Brokers

  • Forum Shipping
  • Kingdom Air
  • Friendly island Freight
  • Fedex
  • Island Customs Express Ltd - DHL
  • Royco Shipping
  • Dateline Transam
  • Palu Aviation
  • EM Jones Ltd
  • Valuvalu Company as CFR Line Tonga

Individual Brokers

  • Tau'ataina customs Broker
  • Matavamo'ui Broker
  • Ha'apai Veu Customs Broker
  • Vaiolupe Broker
  • Goshen Customs Broker
  • OST Services
  • Alalani Broker
  • Vea Broker
  • Pacific Customs Broker House
  • Epeniza Customs Broker
  • Global Broker & Freight Services
  • Simply The Best Customs Broker
  • J Ais & Avery Freight Ltd
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