"Revenue from the community
for the community"
TBEC Tax Training, 8th & 9th June 2016

The Ministry was very fortunate to have been invited by TBEC to conduct one of their trainings with business enterprises which was on tax. This training lasted 2 days and was held at the TBEC training room in Fasi mo e Afi , Molisi Building. Some of the senior staff of the Ministry were tasked with running the different aspects of the training based on the tax types. Taniela Sila, Falahola Naidu, Pipiena Faupula and Teisa Cokanasiga were led by Lepaola Vaea in conducting and facilitating of the training. Topics discussed were the different tax types – Income Tax, PAYE, Consumption Tax and General Tax Matters.

There were about 17 business enterprises that registered and attended the training and all received certificates of attendance and completion at the end of the 2nd day. The training was fruitful in that at the end of it, all the participants understood the training materials and questions asked were very constructive and relevant. They also expressed their support for the work the Ministry is doing and promised to continue to do their best in complying with their tax obligations.

Special thanks are made to the Manager and staff of TBEC for letting the Ministry be a part of this important training. It is expected that there will be a similar training for Customs and to be conducted and facilitated by our relevant Customs staff.


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