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Ha’apai Visit – May 2016

A continuing site visit was done for Ha’apai Island from 23-27 of May and four (4) of the Officers went to complete this. Not only Vahe Lifuka and Vahe Foa were visited but 2 officers went to the small outer islands including Uoleva island too. This was the first time for the Ministry to have this visit to the island of Ha’apai and is looking forward to continue this site visit once a year. Duration of this visit was one week and from Mon 23rd – Wed 25th, all officers went on visiting to every single business in Ha’apai and on Thursday 26th, training on all tax issues was done for all business owners and anyone in Ha’apai who are willing to attend. People of Ha’apai were so excited and willing to continue this visit so that they will not miss out any tax responsibilities that they require to fulfill. Some of the major issues from this visit were No Tin numbers for some business, increasing of whale watching licenses in Ha’apai and failure to keep proper record. Ministry also likes to thank you all for the people of Ha’apai for your cooperation and continue working with us.

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