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Media Release - Ministry of Revenue & Customs Tax Week 2017
The Minister of Revenue and Customs, Hon. Dr. Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa opened the Ministry’s Tax Week 2017 on Monday last week 16th October 2017, at the Digicel Sqaure in Nuku’alofa. The program for the day also saw the official launching of the Ministry’s very first moving visual advertisement which is now being broadcasted on National Television Tonga
Media Release - The Heilala Tax System
The Ministry of Revenue and Customs is pleased to announce its newest compliance initiative, the TONGA HEILALA TAX SYSTEM. This is a reward system whereby the Ministry dedicates high standard and prioritized services to its deserving selected members.
Temporary Close Down of Business for Non-Compliance with Tax Obligations
The Ministry of Revenue and Customs, on Tuesday morning 13th of June 2017, conducted its first temporary close down operation for 2017. The taxpayer involved is a company that owns and operates 4 retail shops each located at Ma’ufanga, Pea, Ha’akame and Fatai. The shops were simultaneously closed by 4 teams consisted of revenue officers and police officers.
Customs Launches Investigation into New Law-Breaking Behaviour
Customs has uncovered incidents of companies importing goods under alternate/incorrect company names. This is in direct violation of the Customs & Excise Management Act 2007.
Joint Press Release between Tonga Customs, Inland Revenue and Police
Tonga Customs, Inland Revenue and Tonga Police raided prominent business suspected of unlawfully importing gold jewellery
TBEC Tax Training, 8th & 9th June 2016
The Ministry was very fortunate to have been invited by TBEC to conduct one of their trainings with business enterprises which was on tax.
Ha’apai Visit – May 2016
A continuing site visit was done for Ha’apai Island from 23-27 of May and four (4) of the Officers went to complete this.
Gallery - Tax Week
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