Message from the Chief Executive Officer

The Ministry of Revenue and Customs developed this Corporate Plan and Budget to support the delivery of government priorities.  The execution of this Corporate Plan focuses on reinvigorate the revenue collection, implement a robust border security system, and strengthen trader partnerships.    

Over the next three years, the Ministry will continue with its reform program to build an integrative working environment and sustainable partnership, to encompass a broad range of services, for the purpose of promoting and enhancing the tax obligations, safeguarding our borders and also facilitating legal trade in an effective manner. 

A new organizational structure presents eight Divisions with respective outputs which contribute to achieving the Ministry’s overall target.  As part of its reform program, the Ministry is establishing a new branch at Niuatoputapu to better serve the people of Tonga in both tax and customs services.  Also, the Ministry is striving to modernize its tax and customs administrations and processes through implementation of four new initiatives. 

This Plan cements the working relations of the Ministry and its key stakeholders, taxpayers and the people of Tonga to effectively support the national impact with confidence that it shall lead us to a more progressive, secured and prosperous Tonga. 

My best wishes for a successful 2021/22 year.



Mr. Kelemete Vahe

Chief Executive Officer for Revenue and Customs