Private Crafts

Means of transport for private use means boards, aircrafts, together with their spare parts and normal accessories and equipment, imported or exported exclusively for personal use by the person concerned and not for the transport of persons for remuneration or the industrial or commercial transport of goods, whether or not for remuneration.

Advance Notification of Arrival

The person in charge (or agent) of an aircraft or ship bound for Tonga must submit in advance all information relating to its arrival and any cargo, passengers and crew aboard the aircraft or ship.

  • Ships: at least 24 hours prior to arrival in Tonga; and

  • Aircrafts: at least 1 hour prior to arrival in Tonga

Advance Notice of Arrival Form for Small Crafts form

Temporary admission

Similar to commercial aircrafts and ships, means of transport for private use may be entered under the Customs temporary admission procedure and be allowed to be imported free or import duties and taxes and must be re-exported within the prescribed time limit of 4 months unless extension is authorized by Customs for a further 8 months (total 12 months). Temporary admission granted by Customs shall be subject to strict conditions.

Non-compliance with the conditions of any temporary admission will result in severe penalties and even seizure of your craft.