Message from the Chief Executive Officer

The Ministry of Revenue and Customs operates in a resilient approach, focusing on reinvigorating its revenue collection, implementing a robust border security system and strengthening trader partnership.  The Ministry’s journey for this Financial Year 2021/22 is guided by the theme “Solidarity for a Perpetual Tonga, in this Challenging Time” which aims to achieve the targeted revenue, deliver target outputs and most importantly to contribute towards achieving the national impact in the Tonga Strategic Development Framework II (TSDF II)

As Tonga faces the prolonged impact of COVID-19 pandemic, MORC reprioritize its functions through the introduction of a project type approach known as the “KAFATAHA” approach. This resilient approach focuses on prioritizing the risks facing MORC and allocating resources as risk treatments.

The result of this Kafataha approach, saw the successful implementation of thirteen (13) projects by the Ministry led by various Head of Divisions and Supervisors with members selected from all Sections/Divisions. The projects focuses on various industries that has potential revenue to be collected and strengthen our relationships to improve compliance. In closing of the past FY2020/21, the Ministry’s key highlight performance is the total tax revenue collected of $240.7 million which surpassed the original estimates by $10.6 million (4.7%)

The Ministry also acknowledges the on-going assistance from the governments of New Zealand and Australia under the PACER Plus Free Trade Agreement supported by the Ministry’s efforts to acquire the UNCTADs renowned ASYCUDA World Automated System.

With the introduction of this newly revamped website, MORC focuses on facilitating e-tax services online for its regional partners, related stakeholders, taxpayers and the people of Tonga by providing easier access to all tax or Customs related services.


CEO for Revenue and Customs