Foreword from the Honorable Minister

This Financial Year 2021/22 marks my third-year term of my appointment as Minister responsible for Revenue and Customs.  I am pleased to introduce the Ministry of Revenue and Customs (MORC) revamped website as part of our on-going effort to create an approachable work environment through provision of a robust e-tax services.  This website aims to inform, educate and facilitate any tax and Customs online related services   between MORC on behalf of the Government of Tonga, with its key counterparts and stakeholders whom are businesses, taxpayers and the people of Tonga.

MORC’s vision and mission supports the National Impact of “A more progressive Tonga supporting higher quality of life for all” under the Tonga Strategic Development Framework II (TSDF II) This is achieved through the provision of a more inclusive, sustainable and dynamic knowledge-based economy, responsive good governance and consistent advancement of our external interests and security.

MORC operates in a resilient nature govern by the Constitution of Tonga and mandated by six (6) key legislations which guides the operations.

The challenging period of COVID-19 pandemic is a threat to MORC’s mandated functions in terms of revenue collection, border security and facilitation of legal trade. Therefore, MORC has opted to refocus priorities by creating a more resilient approach known as “Kafataha Approach” (a project type operations).  Furthermore, MORC undertook an organizational re-alignment through focusing on empowering larger business group as the main source of Government domestic tax revenue. With the current structure in place, there are three (3) programs under the helm of this organizational structure with eight (8) Sub-programs.

MORC is also indebted towards several development partners from both international and regional agencies and organizations, whom have continued in shaping MORC with various support and assistance. MORC acknowledges the key partners and its valuable contributions including Pacific Finance Technical Assistance Center (PFTAC), Pacific Islands Tax Administrators Associations (PITAA), World Customs Organization (WCO), Oceania Customs Organization (OCO), and World Trade Organization (WTO).

MORC aspire to deliver quality services to the people of Tonga through strengthening trader partnership, implementing a robust border security system and improving a sustainable revenue collection.


Minister for Revenue and Customs