Revenue Administration

Delivery of services to agreed standards are the responsibility of this Program. Managers are responsible for the day to day management of Ministry of Revenue and Customs core activities and interaction with taxpayers.They are also responsible for creating a strong relationship with Head Office to provide feedback on recurring issues and risks identified.

Corporate Services


The main functions for the Corporate Services team;

  • Human Resources & Administration - Staffing management and compliance with effective support services

  • Financial Accounts Management - Better financial asset management compliant with relevant policies

  • Information, Communication & Technology - Upgraded information and communications technology to support internal operations

  • Technical and Legal Services - Reliable technical and legal services

Taxpayer Services


The main functions for Taxpayer Services team;

  • Customer Services & Education - Improve customer services, public relations and taxpayer educations

  • Returns Processing - Rapid processing of tax returns, registrations and secure a robust filing system

  • Tax Reconciliation - Tax verification system to improve accurate financial reporting and clearance

  • Outer Islands Branches - Provision of all related tax services at the outer islands of 'Eua, Ha'apai, Vava'u and Niuatoputapu

Large Taxpayers


The main functions for  Large Taxpayers Services team;

  • Heilala - Strengthen relationships with Heilala Members to maintain high level of compliance 

  • Large Business - Increasingly targeted compliance programs for large business group to deter non-compliance

  • High Profile - Improve relationship management with high wealth taxpayers to increase compliance

Tax Compliance & Improvements

The main functions for the Tax Compliance Improvement team:

  • Risk Management - Providing systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and mitigate risks for better informed decision making

  • Audit & Investigation - Sound audit and investigation procedures to enforce compliance with tax requirement

  • Returns and Debt Collection - Effective debt collection strategy to recover outstanding debts and returns