Implementation of ASYCUDA WORLD SYSTEM

Submitted by Administrator on Tue, 16/08/2022 - 00:28

Under the PACER Plus Trade Agreement, TongaCustoms Services is implementing ASYCUDA Worldto automate the full cargo clearance processes. The ASYCUDA World system is widely used in more than90 countries around the world and the system is deployed by United nations Conference on Trade and Development.

Under this project, we have implemented procedures to submit air and sea cargo manifest electronically to the Tonga Customs Service. The next phase of the implementation is deployment of Customs declaration,payment and risk management functions of ASYCUDA World.
The pilot implementation of declaration submission and processing using ASYCUDA World will commencefrom the 1st of August 2022. the new national Customs system, ASYCUDA World will be implemented inparallel to the current system and will be replacing the current system in, phase-wise in coming months.

The ASYCUDA World project team will provide training on ASYCUDA World. The training isscheduled to start from 25th July 2022 and System will go live from 1st August 2022. Customs management have selected 6 companies to participate in the Pilot launch of the System. All other importers, exporters and Customs brokers will be trained in various batches and we will notify accordingly of the schedule.
Please contact ASYCUDA National Project Team orcall us on 7400-650 should you need clarification or further information on this matter.


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