Welcoming the Ministry’s new CEO

Submitted by Administrator on Mon, 16/01/2023 - 23:22

The Ministry of Revenue and Customs (MoRCs) started this week with a thanksgiving prayer service officially welcoming our new Chief Executive Officer Mr. Michael Cokanasiga.

The Minister expressed the Ministry's joy to have Mr.Cokanasiga lead the Ministry and urged all staff to continue to serve and do their best under his leadership.

Mr. Cokanasiga acknowledged his predecessors but most especially MoRCs’ former CEO                 Mr. Kelemete Vahe together with staff who are no longer with the Ministry stating that their contributions have enabled the Ministry to excel to the stage it is now noting that it was now upon us to uphold high standards and continuously work to improve. With that, he highlighted three key areas that will be the focus of initial reform in his role as CEO.

These are Professionalism, Efficiency and Integrity. CEO stressed that MoRC must continue to work tirelessly to perform all its services in a professional manner to both internal and external stakeholders of MoRC. Additionally, CEO voiced his support for innovative thinking in the workplace to improve the efficiency of all tax and customs services. Lastly, the CEO emphasized the importance of integrity in all our individual roles and when dealing with all our stakeholders. He concluded his speech by encouraging staff to work together as a team in order to deliver our best for nation building.